Premium Auto Dish Wash Detergent

A powerful detergent for machine dishwashing to remove stubborn soiling with ease.

Rapier is a high quality, sophisticated product which ensures consistently excellent results in both soft and hard water areas.

An anti-corrosive agent has been added to the formula to protect the machine.

Ideal for washing cutlery, crockery, stainless steel and utensils.

CODE: 303

  • 5L / 20L

    Rinse Aid

    Premium Rinse Aid Additive

    A highly effective rinse aid additive which prevents spots and hazing for a consistently sparkling finish.

    A thin, clear blue liquide, Rinse Aid is a blend of specialist surfactants and mild acids in a taint-free aqueous base.

    Ideal to ensure a perfect finish on plates, crockery, cutlery, utensils, glassware, glasses and tumblers.

    CODE: 407

  • 5L / 20L


    Chlorinated Dishwasher Liquid

    A fast acting cleaner for use in automatic dishwashing machines to remove tannin and coffee stains from cups and saucers.

    A clear yellow, chlorinated detergent, T-Cup is suitable for use with hot or cold water.

    Recommended to clean crockery in cafs, canteens and restaurants.

    N.B. Not suitable for use on aluminium, zinc or other alloys.

    CODE: 368

  • 5L


    Beer Pipeline Cleaner

    A beer pump and pipeline cleaner that removes bacteria and yeast, ensuring that beer stays in top condition.

    A powerful, colourless and odourless blend of caustic soda and sequestrants designed to clean beer pipes and pipelines effectively.

    Cleans and sterilises all plastic and stainless steel beer pumps, pipelines andtanks within the brewing industry.

    CODE: 302

  • 5L


    Drinking Glass Renovator

    A special glass renovator for use in automatic glasswashing machines, to remove staining and the build up of soil from drinking glasses. Clarifi can also be used to deodorise the machine itself.

    Clarifi is a clear yellow liquid with a non-foaming formular for easier use in machines.

    Recommended for the use in pubs, restaurants and hotels to keep glasses in good condition.

    CODE: 369

  • 5L

    Auto Glasswash

    Premium Auto Glasswash Detergent

    A powerful detergent for machine glasswashing that removes stubborn stains and soils and leaves a sparkling finish.

    Auto Glass Wash is pre-softened for effective, trouble-free use in both hard and soft water areas.

    Ideal for cleaning glassware, glasses and tumblers in all automatic washing machines.

    CODE: 318

  • 5L


    Bactericidal Washing Up Liquid

    An odourless, bactericidal washing-up liquid for hand use. Cuts through grease and grime to leave a sparkling finish.

    Dish-Bac is a neutral product with a high foam formulation for the food industry and catering market.

    Ideal for cleaning plates, crockery, utensils, glassware, glasses, tumblers, and pint pots.

    CODE: 221

  • 1L / 5L

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